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1. Posh, Sport, Scary. Baby and Ginger agreed to lease a flat from David. The flat had five bedrooms, with shared kitchen, living room and bathroom. David left it to the five friends to decide who had which room. Bossy Ginger occupied the largest bedroom but the otherrooms were much the same size. David retained a right to introduce a new tenant if oneof the others left. He also had the right to introduce an extra tenant whenever he wantedwho could occupy the sofa bed in the living room, provided he reduced the rent paid bythe others by 10%. Ginger moved out of the flat to take singing lessons overseas and sothe remaining four moved their friend Kylie in. David agreed to the change. Scary tookover the largest bedroom. David has now sold the fee simple in the flat to Elton.

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2. After their parents died in 1995, Elizabeth, Mary and Sylvia decided to use their inheritance to buy a country cottage. Elizabeth contributed 50% of the purchase price, Mary 40% and Sylvia 10%. The cottage was registered in their three names as legal and beneficial joint tenants. At first they used the cottage for occasional weekends, but in 1997 Sylvia found a job nearby and went to live in the cottage. In 1999 Elizabeth was posted abroad and sold her beneficial interest in the cottage to Mary. In 2000 Sylvia's boyfriend, Jim, went to live with her and in the course of the following year they had a baby. Last year Mary wrote to Sylvia offering to sell Sylvia her interest in the cottage, and Sylvia replied that ‘she would very much like to and that she and Jim would start saving immediately’. Last week Sylvia wrote to Mary to say that she would be in a position to ‘buy out Mary’s share’ next year but Mary, who is short of funds, now wants to put the cottage up for sale, despite Sylvia’s objections.

Answer ALL of (a) AND (b) AND (c).

(a) Advise Sylvia.


(b) If the cottage were sold, how would the proceeds of sale be divided?


(c) How, if at all, would your advice in (a) differ in EACH of the following ALTERNATIVE circumstances:

(i) Elizabeth, Mary and Sylvia were business partners who each contributed equally to the purchase price and the legal conveyance into their joint names made no mention of how the beneficial interest was to be held;

(ii) Mary forged both Elizabeth’s and Sylvia’s signatures on a legal mortgage of the cottage as security for a £100,000 loan she received from the Southern Sands Building Society;
(iii) Sylvia has been adjudged bankrupt;

(iv) Sylvia died yesterday leaving her entire estate to Jim.

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Examination for Undergraduate Students (Essay Help Guides)


The marks for this paper constitute 80% of the total marks for this course.

Answer FOUR questions, TWO from Part A, and TWO from Part B. Candidates must answer at least one of the problem questions in section B. Our custom essay can provide you with great essay help if you need.

PART A: Answer any TWO questions from this section

1."The national and local outcomes amply justify our description of the 2005 General Election as the 'Worst Election Ever'%u2026 No majority government since 1918 has ever rested on a flimsier base of public support." (Electoral ReformCommission, 2005.)

In light of the above statement, consider the case for reforming the way in which
the House of Commons is elected.

2. "Devolution provides an extra level of governmental accountability in Scotland and Wales of which the residents of England should be envious."


3. "Conventions ensure that the legal framework of the constitution is evolving in accordance with contemporary constitutional values".

Discuss with particular reference to recent examples.


4. "The real weakness of the constitution lies in the fact that it is an 'elective dictatorship'" (Lord Hailsham, 1976).

Discuss, with particular reference to the oversight function of Parliament.

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5. Under the (imaginary) Beautiful Buildings Act 1994, local authorities have a discretionary power to designate buildings as "beautiful", making them eligible forgrants to pay for repairsand making it unlawful to make alterations to the exteriorof the building. Local authorities also have the discretion to remove "beautiful"status from buildings. Knottly City Council issue a policy statement saying that itwill only grant "beautiful" status to buildings over one hundred years old, but thatonce granted it will never remove "beautiful" status.

(a) Knottly Grammar School (KGS) is a designated "beautiful" building but in order to comply with new fire safety rules the school must install twoexternal fire escape staircases. KGS applies to Knottly City Council tohave the "beautiful" status removed to allow it to add the fire escapes, butthe Council refuses, citing their policy.

Advise Knottly Grammar School and the owners of the Fairdale Centre whether
they may be able to make a claim for judicial review.

6. Discuss the impact of TWO of the following on the development of judicial

(a) R v North and East Devon Health Authority, ex p Coughlan;

(b) the incorporation of Article 6(1) ECHR into English law via the Human
Rights Act 1998;

(c) Padfieldv Minister of Agriculture.

7. "The concept of deference to democratic decision-makers has a limited but
crucial role in the judicial application of the Human Rights Act 1998. "

Discuss with reference to relevant case law.

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Essay Help for You

1. Letters

1.1 Letterhead

Use letterhead for the first page of all letters – and essay help papers and custom essays - and plain paper for subsequent pages. Each subsequent page should show at the top the date (aligned with the left margin), the number of the page (centred) and the name of the addressee (aligned with the right margin):

//date in full// -2- //addressee//

1.2 Our reference/Your reference

Always include the Firm's reference consisting of the author's initials, the supervising partner's initials and the file number.

1.3 Date

The date should be aligned with the right margin and written in full in the form – 1 April 1993.

1.4 Addressee

Use the following forms of address:

(a) For individuals:

Mr A B Bloggs

Mr and Mrs A B Bloggs or Mr A B Bloggs and Mrs G H Bloggs

Mr A B Bloggs, Miss E F Bloggs and Mrs G H Bloggs

Dr I J Martin

Professor K L Simple

(b) For firms:

Bloggs Martin & Simple

(c) For client companies:

Mr A B Smith
The Secretary
XYZ Pty Limited

(d) For government departments and statutory authorities:

Town Clerk
Ku-ring-gai Municipal Council

1.5 Address

(a) Street numbers and descriptions in the address should be shown in full:

132-139 Prince Street; 6/17-18 Queen Street

(b) Do not punctuate the address and do not underline:

135 King Street

(c) For a postal address use the form: GPO Box 123

(d) The State or Territory should be abbreviated in accordance with Australia Post guidelines: WA, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA, NT, QLD, ACT.

1.6 Salutation

Use the formal salutation 'Dear Sir/Madam' or 'Dear Sirs' Or 'Dear MrBloggs'. There should be no comma after the salutation. This is the formal aspect of our essay help article.

1.7 Matter Reference

Include a short appropriate heading to indicate the subject of the letter – or essay help title. Do not use 're'. Block the heading to the left, in lower case and bold type. Do not underline any part of the heading. Our client should be stated first:

X sale to Y
Property: 135 King Street, Sydney

1.8 Letter ending

Our final essay help tip for is that all letters and custom essays to clients and letters of importance in relation to a matter are to be signed by a partner (preferably the partner responsible for the particular matter) in the partner's name. If an employed solicitor is attending to a matter, each letter must be initialed by the solicitor to show that the letter has been checked before submitting it for signature. Other letters may be signed by an employed solicitor if authorised by a partner. The partner or employed solicitor who signs should do so in his or her own name. The letter ending should be aligned with the left margin.

The three alternative letter endings are as follows:

(a) Letter with personal salutation sent by partner:

Mr A B Bloggs

Dear Allan

Yours sincerely
[Partner name]

(b) Letter with formal salutation sent by partner:

Mr C C Martin

Dear Mr Martin

Yours faithfully
Bloggs Martin &Simple
[Partner name]

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